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TOPIC: U-Boat Darkmoon 40

U-Boat Darkmoon 40 2 months 2 weeks ago #10552

With its deep, lustrous oil-filled dial, vibrant colours and mercurial love-it-or-hate-it compensation bubble, the U-Boat Italo Fontana Darkmoon watch offers an exciting and genuinely different timepiece.
That playful air-bubble and deep, rich oil-filled dial make this timepiece instantly memorable as well as mesmerizingly engaging. We hope you enjoy our intro to a breathtaking on-wrist experience.
Read on, and then enjoy Jack Biggs’ popular U-Boat Darkmoon unboxing video on YouTube to understand why. Or if you just can’t wait to treat yourself or someone special, choose yours now.

You may see references to the ‘U-Boat Dark Moon Watch’ or ‘U Boat Darkish Moon’; it’s easily done. However , according to U-Boat, Darkmoon is one word. This is the U-Boat Italo Fontana Darkmoon and also, once seen, it’s unforgettable. Why dark moon? Because, to quote the manufacturer, it is ‘A collection coming from the moon directly from its darker side’.

With this desirable range of handcrafted watches - proudly ‘Made in Tuscany’ - Italo Fontana has staked his claim for a slice of lunar-related watchmaking. We think they’re onto a winner. So does Paul Buchanan, whose encounter with an early Darkmoon led him to become the Italian watchmaker’s UK sales manager.
Paul takes up the story: ‘Just over two years ago I met Richard, the U-Boat’s distributor in the UK and Ireland. He knew I’d grown disillusioned with the watch trade as brands just copied each other time and time again. He also knew I was seeking an inspirational brand. After teasing and tantalising me with U-Boat’s beautiful Chimera, he followed up with this watch with a domed red glass that was stunning along with mesmerising in every way possible. While Richard talked I just sat there using the watch on my wrist in addition to looked at it from every angle. I bought that watch, one of the original Darkmoons, then became the actual brand’s UNITED KINGDOM sales office manager. Two watches is all it took and the U-Boat Darkmoon red-colored 44mm IPB is still my go-to view of choice. ’
The rich colour of this oil-filled beauty was just one of the features that mesmerised Paul and drew him towards the brand. As soon as you see these amazing timepieces you notice how a Darkmoon’s striking dial delivers a ‘wide eyed’, spellbindingly-three-dimensional depth associated with colour plus heightened legibility. From first glance, it may be obvious which they’re very different to the information-heavy visual complexity of other U-Boat classics such as the U-Boat U-65 skeleton watch.
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Since the first Darkmoon, adoption regarding sapphire crystal and switch colour intensity refinements for better readability make a great product even more impressive. And then there’s the particular signature compensating bubble moving around the call in its crystal clear oil bath. It helps amplify the view of the two hands - there’s no sweep-second hand -- which appear to float free above the face.
TikTok enjoy influencer Jack port Biggs enthuses about these features in our U-Boat Dark Moon unboxing movie. He says: ‘an additional benefit for the oil shower is that it magnifies the vision of the fingers and compensates for temperature between zero to 60 degrees. I feel as though this gives it a more three-dimensional look to the watch and it gives it that will deep feel on the watch dial. ’
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